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    Allegro Question

    I have a question about Allegro...Well, it's actually two.

    1) Are there any popular games made with it, and what are they?

    2) Do you have to have runtime files to run it, like with DirectX and OpenGL?
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    1. Hard to say for sure. Allegro is giftware, and no credit is necessary. There are hundreds of (mostly yet incomplete) games made with it as freeware and largely open source at I use it commercially, but not for games. I port and improve graphical systems on old OS's to Linux/Windows with it.

    (There are a few bugs in old versions, that I've noticed in commercial games before, but not telling if these were just coincidences.)

    2. Allegro requires no runtime, unless you are using it to do DirectX for you, in which case you need a minimal DirectX install. Under other OS's you're fine. You can also plug in OpenGL, which will also require OpenGL stuff.

    Allegro precompiled Installer for Dev-C++, MSVC, and Borland:

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    quake was created using djgpp wasn't it? i'd heard so, and it made much sense since that was id's transition from dos to windows [gl for their later projects].
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