Thread: can anyone recomend a good book for Visual C++??

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    can anyone recomend a good book for Visual C++??

    I'm a reasonably competent C++ programmer, but am having trouble getting to grips with certain aspects of Microsoft's Visual C++.

    Can anyone recomend a good book?

    How about "Visual C++ 6 for Dummies" - I've found these books to be OK before???

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    No, no, no. I heard that the book doesn't teach well and has bad humor. I haven't read the 'Dummy' books myself, but I have heard bad things about them. The best book for Visual C++ is:
    Beginning Visual C++ 6 By: Ivor Horton. This book is awsome, I'm using it right now. Here is a little story: I once had this book by deitel and deitel on c++. I read and read and read. For some reason, I did not understand anything in the book very well. Then I returned to book to my teacher who I was borrowing it from and bought Beginning Visual C++ 6. I read THIS book, and understood everything much better because everything is explained thoroughly and it is easy to understand. I was surprised how many extra aspects of every chapter this book had compared to my old book! If it wasn't for this book, I wouldn't know or understand half the things I know now, although I still am what they call a newbie I suppose. Anyways, get this book. It even covers windows programming. In the book, after you learn lots, they start to gradually make a program. They add little things here and there, and it is aimed at an ultimate goal. You get to make a paint program! It takes you through step by step and you will learn to do something as awsome as that! In windows, not some silly console thing! Get this book!

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