Got a new problem in my little tictactoe game

relevant code: LINK

Problem: I have made a function that is used when a player has 3 bricks so he can change where the bricks are so there is never more than 3 bricks by each player!
and if you look on the first SS: you can see that I have placed 3 bricks for each player, so far so good! then on this: I have moved the 0 from position 1 to 9! so far so good! But now I try to move my X from position 2 to 1: but then it just shows this: and its not moved! also its not showing my "debugcode" the couts I made show all the info from the function so that I could see why! but its not helping me because its not showing that code! and I cant understand both why it aint just moving the thing like the O was, and secoundly how can it avoid to write the debugthing I made when it shold write it nomatter if the choosen movement is not possible!

My old problem which is solved now:
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