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    Say wha? Maybe an example, or is that something I already know...
    Hmm... I don't think so. Maybe some code?

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    What he means is to make your game in parts, so that you can add or remove parts easier. Also the parts allow to debug the program faster.

    Here is a guide I didn't read through all of it, but what I did read seemed to be good.

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    Woah this sucker is a big thread. I figured it was months old by the size

    You guys got a storyline? I remember playing text RPGs/Adventures on my old computer from the 80s, surprisingly quite fun. Be interesting to see what you guys come up with.

    as others have suggested you should use classes a lot. Easy to program, easy to debug, will definitely shrink your coding and allow you to focus on actually programming the game, easy to make modifications later, easy for working on projects in groups, easy to keep track of stuff like monsters. Makes it easy to create them, store info regarding each one, and discard them when they are dead.. etc..

    I've written a game before and trying to do it without classes is a nightmare, but Good Luck if you decide to go that route anyways.

    class Monster
        getHit(int hp);
        attack(int power);
        move(int x, int y);
        int health;
        int attackPower;
        int speed;
        int posX, posY;
    type .......
    As for: Two Heads Better Than One
    Some might say the 2nd one will just cloud your thoughts.. Okay, that was my one Penis joke for the year.. can I say Penis here? .? oh well, we will see
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