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    .NET 2005 Express Edition

    Has anyone gotten anything to compile with this piece of flaming poo?

    It keeps telling me that all my Windows calls are undefined external references yet I've specified my lib, include, and bin folders to point to my platform sdk folder.

    This is stupid.

    I got it to work. The express_wincore.vsprops or whatever the hell it's called was corrupted.

    Also since I have MSVC6 Enterprise, I have MFC, ATL and all that. How can I tell Express to use these so I can make apps using them. I guess I could just learn the .NET framework, but MFC has become like second nature to me.

    Ok I guess this should be moved to another forum but if it counts I was trying to compile my D3D app.
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    Bubba i dont think you will be able to use it. I battled with it for a week and got nowhere. It is a Microsoft Compiler, but if you look in the lib and include folders, it dosent even have windows.h. Sorry man i think you are out of luck. What are you using now?

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    Two important links for MSVC++ 2005 express

    MFC isn't supported in the express edition from what i've read. The number of project templates available is rather small too. But, if you go to add project from existing code there are options to add support for MFC and ATL. I don't know anything about either, so I can't directly tell you it'll work doing that if you have all the MFC stuff already and know how to setup the project settings.

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