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    Direct X 8.1

    In a year or to me and my friend hope to be making some "real" games. I am only learning C right now and am going to learn C++. I was just wondering about direct x. Does this require its own functions or does it use C++ or what?

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    DirectX is an API, just like the Win32 API is. You can write programs that use DirectX in any language that you can write windows programs in.
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    DirectX is a set of APIs (application programming interfaces). Basically functions that have already been made for you to use, such as accessing the screen and drawing to it. DirectX also includes APIs for sound, video and input. With the current version 8.1 it's very similar to OpenGL. And the graphics API is relatively friendly now. Its moslty written in C but there are parts that use C++. It's a framework that allows you to build all sorts of multimedia applications.
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