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    Learn Game Programming

    Hi I have given up looking on the web, but do any of you know any good sites that teach beginers - intermediate game programming in C++ online, without buying a book or anything extra, like the tutorials on here for example that teach C++.

    Any help or links appreciated

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    Have you / do you intend to learn a graphics API?
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    It's well known that all game programs begin like so
    #include "bubba.h"
    #include "salem.h"

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    Cool. Where can I get bubba.h?

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    Ok i am going to give you some info because you obviously did your homework to learn cpp, he has 129 posts and the his posts where good, i checked . Game dev is a good place for a lot of tutorials but not really in the beginning. I would suggest buying a book at some point, especially when you decide to learn something like DirectX or OpenGL but right now you need to learn a little bit of Win32 API to get your game in a window. The best place i know of to learn the bare bones of that is Forger's Tutorial This tutorial is a little confusing at first but just keep in there and it will make sense after a while. Hope that helps.

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