Thread: Editor Creation (for Bubba and all) ;)

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    Editor Creation (for Bubba and all) ;)

    In this thread, bubba has a screen shot of an editor he made for a "Zelda"-type game.

    This got me thinking (a rarity, I know!), what kind of features do you guys think an editor should have? What are some of the pitfalls and triumphs you've had in creating your editors?

    Happy coding!


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    Any editor needs to be able to perform the task it's designed for, no more no less. If you don't complete the requirements, it's just no good. If you go beyond, it's not bad as long as it's actually useful.

    Extreme case: A tile editor that allows you to set textures, game defined properties, and also has a totally neato .mps player that searches your music directory for your favorite tunes probably isn't a good idea.

    The biggest hurdle I find is usually the interface. If you can't interface with a tool, the tool is no good.

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