Thread: OpenGL vs. DirectX Discussion

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    Lightbulb OpenGL vs. DirectX Discussion

    I hope this is the correct forum...

    Anyway, I have a question: what is better openGL or DirectX?
    I don't want to go "in-depth" but just know the basics. So then post which one do you like the most and why ?


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    Um...yeah we'll all rush in and get right on it bud.

    Go away.

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    Hunt down some source for both (Theres gotta be some lying around) and see which one makes the most sence to you.
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    You haven't searched around have you? I mean seriously you almost should be forced to search before posting...

    There is no BEST of either. In fact, you cannot even really compare them as they are entirely different entities. OpenGL is graphics, DirectX is graphics, music, input, networking, etc. all rolled into one monster package.

    That being said, try both and see how you like them, what should matter is how you like them.

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    Bubba i think we can both agree on this thread.

    Gamer_Jimbo get out of here and do your own Research

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    try for sound fmod, and for gfx opengl. and im shure for the rest there are great libraries to.

    IMO opengl wins vs D3D

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