Blackjack (21) Game Pt. 2
(watch out, like it wasn't long enough)

Continuing on past my previous post... Is it possible to design a few variables to store a suit and a number? With suits, (random 1-4, then 1-13 to get suits) you could have splitting. But what series of variables/setup could hold that and display it for not only the player, but the dealer when the time comes.

Also. Is there any way to have a betting system going on? $1, $5, $10? Would it be two variables for peoples money, a simple menu for the betting and one variable for the pot? (Then just subtract from the pot, and add to winner)

Thanks to anyone who even LOOKS at these big posts. I must have broken a few rules of netettiqte, sorry!

-G. Matlin,

P.S. : Anyone know how I could put graphics of a dealer, player or a background graphic? I have acess to the free compilers plus a version of Visual C++ I got from a friend

Thank god. I can't belive I even typed that