Thread: Mmk, I give up, lets try your way. (Resource Management)

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    Surely Shamino you can see why I'm not helping you. Every post I make results in the same garbage being put out in the next post, just worded a bit differently. Every time I help you, you want more spoon-fed answers which I'm sorry I do not have.

    Sure I could explain the whole ID system to you, but it's my system and it works for me. Do the pro's use it? I dunno and I don't care, it works for me. Bob's system for rendering 3d models is very good. Do the pro's use it? I dunno and I don't care.

    The pro's didn't become 'pro's' by getting spoon fed code from other folks. You work it out through trial and a whole hell of a lot of error. If the system isn't working rethink your design and re-code it.

    I'm programming a 2D Zelda remake, not the next nifty 3D shoot em up. Is my system going to work for a 3D engine? I have no idea because I'm not using it for that. I'm sure I'll make changes to it and run into loads of issues that I will have to solve.

    Game programming is extremely hard work. Mainly because there is no one right answer and the truly excellent one's don't use everyone else's answers or methods. They hammer out their own through trial and error; research, adaptation, and implementaion of known algos, etc. I have no idea how your render system is setup and frankly I'm not asking how it is because it's yours and if it works for you then fine.

    But asking me to wade through tons of source code on this board simply to help you implement my system is not only absurd it's rude. I, like Bob and others here have a full-time job, am working on several projects, one of which is taking a lot of my time. I simply do not have the time or resources to sit here and chat with you over how the resource system works. I offered the invite for you to join and perhaps learn something but you said you could not. That is fine and I understand, but asking me to divulge all the information about our engine would be like asking Electronic Arts to provide you with the information on how Medal of Honor:Pacific Assault was coded. They won't do it, and I won't do it. Besides it wouldn't help you.

    Even though we focus on writing sections of re-usable code, there are some sections that are simply not re-usable in some applications. So re-usable does not always mean usable across engines or apps. It may mean that one function provides a way for the programmer to avoid re-writing the same code later on in the app. He just calls the function. Sometimes I can port systems to other applications, but not always.

    Figure it out on your own. When you have more of a system working then ask us and we can show you where you may have troubles. Asking me to tell you how the whole damn thing works, is not going to help you, me, or the forum.

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    did any of you not read what I posted?

    I understand the system yet, either that, or in the process of figuring out yours I invented my own...

    I see why I wasn't spoon fed bubba, and yuo ultimately helped meh.
    Sometimes I forget what I am doing when I enter a room, actually, quite often.

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