Thread: People interested in Joint game making in the future

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    Originally posted by Unregistered
    Making a tile based game is a little weak in my opinion since it is behind the times. ...

    two things,

    1) tile games are still some of the best games, even newer games
    ~ diablo 2
    ~ starcraft

    2) programming in 3d is extremely difficult, and it was already stated that they wanted to make their own unique game not using anyone elses code.
    if a contradiction was contradicted would that contradition contradict the origional crontradiction?

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    Originally posted by Uraldor
    I think that is what I wanna do for my first real game

    Zelda?!?! HAHA.. you really think that all it takes to create something like Zelda is a few chaps from around the net getting together to "cut a bit of code"?? And if this is your first game, then i'm afraid to say that you have got no chance in hell.

    It took a group of pros a very long time to come up with something as good as Zelda...

    have you done any other games yourself before??

    all i can say is good luck! And i mean that in the nicest possible way.

    **** YOU!

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    Windows Games

    Would the GDI functions in Windows be fast enough for a Mario game or even a zelda game cause there really isn't that much going on in these games (well mario anyways). Another question for Zelda could you use like a Quadruply linked list for the Tiles. Have each tile be linked by a pointer the the tile up tile down tile left and tile right? I dunno when I go to bed at night I have things fly through my head haha. Also wouldn't it be cool for Zelda have the whole game be in 2-D and then have the final battle/action sequence "pop-up" into 3-D give the player a little surprise. Well thanks for help.


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    the GDI functions are pretty primitive and are usually only used to display simple shapes like squares, lines...etc... If you want to make a game that will require the making of graphics, you would have to:

    1. Create a game engine or take one from somewhere else. Making game engines are a pain in the but. They take AGES! That is your first consideration. DirectX is basicly the best and easiest choice. OpenGL is not as good as DirectX by a long way. It's like WinG (remember that?) - it's gonna be wiped out sooner or later...

    2. Construction of the code is not as hard, but it is a long and drawn out process. Many hands make light work. If you are going to make a game, the group choice is great. Each person could write a certain part of the game and another person can put it all together.

    As for me joining, I'd love to join the group and I am currently learning DirectX (and doing pretty well too!) so I could probably help a qite a bit in the group if you wanted me to join.

    By the way, my email/MSN is:

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