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    is this easy

    hi, im new to programming, just wondering if making a fighting game, in dos mode, where u take in turns to do stuff, like a text game?


    both start with 100% health bar [ |||||||||||||||||||||||||| ] goes down a bit when u get hit.

    u both take in turns to do a move... punch, kick, elbow, headbut, knee, etc... and it has a like, random chance of hitting.. something like random numbers like, 4, 9, 5,12,19 between 1 and 25 and if lands on that number u hit em, if not it fails and its their turn to try it.

    any sites to help a bit about stuff like this or any sources for me to check out?

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    Is your problem generating random numbers?
    if so then check here

    If not, then I'd suggest reviewing the basic tutorails( of c++ and/or posting here with a little more info

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