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    Poker Game need help...

    Hi, I've started learning C/C++ As i would love to create an online game but i need a bit of help to start. is where i got the idea from.

    I would like to create an Online 3D Poker Game so people can download, register, join a table and play with up to 5 or even 10 other players using fake money but i don't know where to start.

    To make this kind of game what is the best free compiler to use and what language is the best?

    also, i read directX is to make 3D games, where can i download it and is it free?

    Do i need to learn a different language for the online multiplayer part of it?

    please let me know ASAP, thanks alot.

    Boy.Racer.88 !

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    Why don't you just start with the basics? You've made two or three posts about which language would be the best to do 3D stuff and how to get and use DirectX. I get the feeling that you're still pretty new to programming but you're trying to learn c++. Why don't you read a book and some tutorials and then try making a single player, text based poker game? That way you would learn the basics of the language and you wouldn't need to learn anything like DirectX to do it. After that if you wanted to do it graphically you could learn DirectX and still use quite a bit of your old code.

    Please don't take this post offensivly, I'm not trying to attack you. If you want to learn to program c++ then start out with something simple before you try tackling 3D and multiplayer gameplay. For example, you're poker game. Break it up into smaller parts, try and write code to generate and shuffel a deck of cards. Try writing code to recognize valid hands and to know which hand beats what. Then maybe try writing a simple AI to decide when to get a new card or two, when to raise the bet, so on and so on. All of this can be done with c++.

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