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    Need testers

    Finally getting to the point that I need some testers for my tile map editor. If you are interested please PM me or catch me on MSN for those of you who have it.

    I will not be sending the source code, just the exe and some bmps for you to use during testing. Requests for source code will be ignored.

    I realize it's dangerous to send an .exe but the only other alternative is to release all of the source and I don't want to do that.

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    I'm willing to help with the beta test. You can add me to msn at:
    Learning C++
    Programmer in training

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    I am extremely sorry to say that just as I finished a major portion of the friggin D: drive crashed.

    I lost approx 65GB in the disaster. Beginning re-work from a previous version of the editor that I burned.

    Was about to burn my new engine, editor, etc, and then wham....

    I defragged my D: drive and went to bed. Woke up and everything seemed ok. Windows had been getting really sluggish lately so I thought defrag would help. Well it just got bad from there. Boot but extremely sluggish. Then could not browse programs. Then could not read D: drive - and then reboot and disk check finds over 5000 unreadable file segments in the NTFS structure.

    I guess DEFRAG FRAGGED my drive. DEFRAG does work on NTFS volumes, correct?

    So as of right now I do not have a 3D engine, sound engine, input, etc. I burned an early version but so much changed since then. Again my fault.

    However, it shouldn't be too hard to begin a new engine since the core stuff is the same. And I was going to code a pure DirectSound engine anyways instead of using DirectMusic.

    But now I have to start over on GTA:Vice City and that's prob what me off more than anything.
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    ill help

    id be willing to help in the beta testing. you can get me at , best thing would to just send me an E-Mail with info or whatever. If you dont need testers nemore, then never mind lol.

    Boy.Racer.88 !

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    I'm currently re-programming the editor.

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    Closed by request

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