Thread: SDL questions.

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    Question SDL questions.

    My first question is, when I use this function SDL_Init(WHATEVER), where does the information go?
    Secondly what exactly happens when I lock a surface, in other words I want to know what kind of information is
    stored in the SDL_LockSurface() function. It would really appreciate if someone could find some time to
    answer my questions.

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    I don't know the exact answers to your questions and I can't really comprehend why you would need to know unless you were compiling your own version of SDL. Have you read the docs on these functions?

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    Yes I've read the docs but it didn't really answer my questions. It's not like i'm compiling my own version of SDL or something.
    I just like to know what is really going on when I write a program, it just feels better to know how it works and not just that it's necessary to use the functions for whatever reason.
    EDIT: The docs tell what the functions do but not what a lock is technically.
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    if you really want to know how its implemented, download the code and take a look, mind you it may well be overly complicated too you, so don't expect it to suddenly click when you read it.

    Edit: check here as well, might have something usefull
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