Thread: Resetting the fixed function pipeline in D3D

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    Resetting the fixed function pipeline in D3D

    As of late I've been doing bump mapping and several other texture tricks and have realized one thing. Since D3D is a state machine, the state from one type of render is passed on to the next object.

    Without using state blocks, is there a way to just reset the texture stage states to their default values w/o having to specifically pass a parameter in a call to SetTextureStageState?

    For instance:

    These might be the default values but say they weren't. Is there a way to reset sampler 0 to it's default values?

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    Try this in the Shader:

    // Set up texture stage 0
            Texture[0] = <texture1>; // Use the texture parameter defined above
            ColorOp[0] = Modulate;
            ColorArg1[0] = Texture;
            ColorArg2[0] = Diffuse;
            AlphaOp[0] = Modulate;
            AlphaArg1[0] = Texture;
            AlphaArg2[0] = Diffuse;
            MinFilter[0] = Linear;
            MagFilter[0] = Linear;
            MipFilter[0] = Linear;
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