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    Base Numbers

    Okay frist things frist. I am making a Text based game and need some answers. I have created a formula for hit points for races. here is the code,

    player.BaseHitPoints = (50 * 3) / 2;
    this is = to 75. Now what i am wondering is when i do the level up system would it read 75 + new hit points? is so is there a way where i can turn 50 into "x" and keep * 3 / 2? where x replaces 50 and the new hit points replace it.
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    What you have it just a constant not really a formula for base hitpoints. So maybe you should just assign base hit points to whatever the value is (75 in your case) in the constructor, and then change the hitpoints upon level up with an actual formula.

    player.HitPoints = (player.Level * 3) / 2;
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