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    new book about game programming using DirectX

    Hi everybody!

    I'd like to announce the appearance of my newest book. After finishing the C++ book last year, I decided to write another book, as there are only a few about graphics and game programming with DirectX. The book discusses the theoretical and practical aspects as well, but there is also some history included, which shows the evolution of PC-graphics hardware.
    I tried to explain things in a simple manner, trying to present all the related stuff (vectors, matrices, quaternions, transformations, texturing, shading, rendering etc.).
    The second part is a practical one, presenting with concrete sample projects things like multitexturing, DOT3 bump mapping, lens flare and corona effect, loading of heightmaps, animated models, pixel and vertex shaders, bakcground music and 3D-sound effects, acquiring keyboard and mouse data through DirectInput and so on.
    For screenshots and further details visit my homepage (knowledge of hungarian language is welcome ): http:\\

    The book will appear in Hungary, and was written in hungarian. I'd like to ask your opinion: would it make sense to translate such a book in english, or there are already plenty of such books in the english speaking countries? Any chance to break through, or it is a dead idea?

    Thank you in advance!
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