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    never mind the last posts i figured it out i just have to add

    boards[x][y]=' ';

    at the begging of the movement function thanx for all your help though

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    Post A note for Procyon

    hey Procyon,

    do you think you could send me the source for that Graphical RPG engine at :

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    why wont this work

    if( choice3==72)

    all it does is redisplays the map then takes it away at the same tine each time yoiu press the button

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    yo cozman, what happened to your site? it never loads it, always says there isnt a web page for it. have you just stopped dealing with it? just wondering, thanks,
    Well the site isn't really under my control anymore, I really would like to get it back up but my HTML is rusty and I've been real busy lately, my web designer has had some illness and since the site went down he hasn't been available either. (thanks for even trying to visit though)

    Also as for the RPG code I mentioned earlier, i couldn't find any of it intact really, plus it looks like everyone else has gotten far beyond the crap I had in the archive.

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