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    orientation from velocity

    I'm working on how to make a missile model point the way it's moving. I define the position with a vector and the velocity as a normalized vector that I scale for speed and time. The method that I use to extract the velocity is:
    Missile(float _speed, float _yaw, float _pitch, Vec _pos) {
    	name = "Missile";
    	speed = _speed;
    	pos = _pos;
    	yaw = _yaw;
    	pitch = _pitch;
    	totalTime = 10.0f;
    	modelName = "missile.ms3d";
    The line that moves the missile, which works correctly, is:
    pos += vel * (dtimef * speed);
    Since this works, I know that the velocity vector is at least pointing in the right direction. The problem comes up when I try to render the missile:
    //render the model
    The 58.6319f's are in there to convert yaw and pitch from radians to degrees, so I think that should be working, except the model points in weird directions. What am I doing wrong?
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    Try fiddling around with a negative in a few places; You may be using different points of origin for your rendering and your calculations, and not even realize it. Personally, I would use the components of the velocity vector instead of storing yaw and pitch.

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    You need to create a look at matrix. DirectX provides this functionality in the D3DX library - but for OpenGL you can find the source to create a look at matrix on several sites. Google for constructing a look-at matrix in OpenGL or something similar.

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