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    File read problem

    Ok for some reason this code is crashing while I am loading the path for the pics in no idea why really... I do know all the functions for the NPC class work I tested those first thing... I just don't see any reason it should crash while reading art/man.bmp into a 250 char array or that is where it is crashing apparently. Ideas on what might be causing this problem?

           char input[250];
           ofstream feed;
           ifstream  load;
    	feed<<"NUM NPC: "<<NumNPC<<endl;
    	npclist = new NPC*[NumNPC];
    	int nx,ny,sn;
    	for(int lnpc = 0;lnpc < NumNPC;lnpc++)
    		feed<<"NX NY SN "<<nx<<" "<<ny<<" "<<sn<<endl;
    		load>>input;//crashes here
    		feed<<"IGPIC: "<<input;
    		feed<<"DIAPIC: "<<input;
    Part of the load file where the problem is occuring.
    #NPC  2
            5   5        0             art/man.bmp          art/ness_t.bmp
            9   9        1             art/woman.bmp        art/darokin.bmp 
    The feedback file I have it dumping into.
    NUM NPC: 2
    NX NY SN 5 5 0
    Bah stupid me left a line out since I was using a NPC ** I forgot to make the loop sorry about that. Here is what I was missing.
    	feed<<"NUM NPC: "<<NumNPC<<endl;
    	npclist = new NPC*[NumNPC];
    	for(int m=0;m<NumNPC;m++)
    		npclist[m] = new NPC;
    	int nx,ny,sn;
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