Thread: a simple Dev-C++ game graphics system

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    a simple Dev-C++ game graphics system

    I found an easy way to make make graphical games with Dev-C++ for windows in C without having to install librarys into your compiler. Its called HIVE, and it consists of a .h file and a .c file that you include in your game. You can download it here:

    Here are my instructions for running the demo game which is a bit easier than the tutorial for noobs to figure out.

    1)Create a folder somewhere on your computer, give it any name you want, extract both the and into that folder.
    2)Create a new project in Dev-C++ as windows32/C++, give it any name you want and save it in the folder you created.
    3)Go to Project>Remove and remove the default main file that is within the project, click no when it asks you to save.
    4)Go to Project>Add to project and add the hive.c and winmain.c files that you extracted to the project folder.
    5)Click the compile/run button and play the game.
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    Nice little engine you have there

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