Thread: Is there a basic movement example?

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    Exclamation Is there a basic movement example?

    I'm having some trouble getting started with graphics and i was wondering, is there (or someone could make one) a basic movement example i could get. When i press left it would move left, right it would move right... Animation would be nice but it's not really that important. I use Dev-C++ but i also have Visual c++. Also if it is well documented that would help a ton.

    Thanks ~GameGenie

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    Question Errors

    Thanks for the reply , but i'm getting some errors.

    When i try and compile the snake or ball movement program i get a few errors...

      [Linker error] undefined reference to `timeGetDevCaps@8'
    There is other errors but there all like that just different names...

    Any ideals

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    As mentioned at the top of the source code, you'll have to link with winmm.lib.

    Linking with Dev-C++

    Project -> Project Options -> Parameters -> Linker

    Add -lwinmm to the Linker options.

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