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    Zelda text

    This may seem really stupid, but if any of you know this it would be great.

    I use Zelda as an example, but when you talk to sombody in the game, does the program do somthing like this or am i totaly worng...

    #include <iostream>
    #include <string>
    void girltalk();
    extern void girltalksenta(); // get the text from another file
    string player;
    int main()
    return 0;
    void girltalk()
    if (player) // basicly this would be if player pressed button to talk
    girltalksenta(); // get the info, go to that function
    any ideas? I am intrested to know if you think I maybe correct

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    I have no idea really but I would google for event-driven concepts

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    does the program do somthing like this or am i totaly wrong
    The program will do whatever you tell it too *end wise-arse comment* =). If you were to take that approach, you would need a xxxtalk() func for every single NPC that the player can talk to, and you would have to check if the player wants to talk to them every time they press a button! Works? yes. Well? no.

    I would suggest trying a simple database. Instead of checking xxxtalk(), have something like DidThePlayerPressTheTalkButton(). If that's true, then based on their position or whatever, you can search a database to figure out what text should be displayed. Hash tables may be another topic you should check out.

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