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    Yeah you don't sound like you're looking anything up on your own at all. Try google, it works. The winprog HAS a tutorial on loading in a bitmap...hell the bitmap is a ball too. Just try reading a little before you ask, so that your question needs describing, not just pointing you back to your original reference.
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    Woah, I'm really proud of myself I made a pong game in 2 days using SDL, I'll post it later cause I have everything messed up and I have a question. How can I include .bmp and sound in my .exe file, so that nobody would be able to mess around with them?
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    what you really want to do is write a device driver. For graphics techniques and lots of other great information I really suggest reading "Michael Abrash's Graphics Programming Black Book", it goes over a lot of old stuff (8080 optimization ) but in my opinion it's invaluable. Michael Abrash is an incredible programming who optimized quake, the book actually includes techniques used in quake's engine. Also search google for svga programming.
    Knowledge of x86 assembly would be useful (but not required), two great books are The Art of Assembly Language and Assembly Language for Intel-Based Computers. The Art of Assembly Language is HLA (high level assembly) which is actually compiled, not assembled, but still has vast amounts of information about x86 assembly (most 'functions' are actually x86 instructions).
    This is a useful site for windows device driver development
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