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    Game over ?

    Hi I am writing a very basic text adventure game, and i cannot get the game over function to work! When the health goes below zero, it goes into minuses, and ignores the function! Here is an example of what I mean, The game concists of 5000 lines of code so far, but I get no compile or link errors or warnings...

    #include <iostream>
    void gameover(); // I declare the function
    void level1(): 
    int health = 100; // health is shown
    int main()
    if (health <=0) // call game over if health is equal or below zero
    return 0;
    void level1()
    code here
    void gameover() // gameover function 
    gameover function here
    exit(0); // exit game command
    the above is very simular to what I have done in my game, so why is main not calling gameover when the health is nothing?
    I have been trying all I know and cannot get it to work,,, please help me!

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    Just a guess - you are checking for health before level 1 even starts. At that point health = 100, and so gameover is never going to be called.

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