Thread: SDL Link Errors.

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    SDL Link Errors.

    I have the... -lmingw32 -lSDLmain -lSDL stuff in my Further Linker Options bit in the dev C++ project options thing. However, I still get weird linktime errors.

    :\DEV-C_~1\Lib\\libSDL.a (SDL_systimer.o): In function `SDL_StartTicks':

    /home/hercules/release /SDL-1.2.8/ src/timer/SDL_systimer.c:73: undefined reference to

    /home/hercules/release/ SDL-1.2.8/src/timer/

    SDL_systimer.c:74: undefined reference to `timeGetTime@0'

    C:\DEV-C_~1\Lib\\libSDL.a (SDL_systimer.o): In function `SDL_GetTicks':

    /home/hercules/release/ SDL-1.2.8/ src/timer/SDL_systimer.c:101: undefined reference to `timeGetTime@0'

    C:\DEV-C_~1\Lib\\libSDL.a (SDL_systimer.o): In function `SDL_SYS_TimerInit':

    /home/hercules/release/ SDL-1.2.8/src/timer/SDL_systimer.c:189: undefined reference to `timeBeginPeriod@4'

    (Pardon random linebreaks)

    I'm pretty sure I have SDL.DLL in the two places I need it. The libs are in the right folder. The includes are all there. Any idea what's up with SDL?

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    Show me some code. I think you are calling functions that don't exist.

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    It's just the includes and and empty main(). No code. Would that make it fail at linking? I mean, I don't think it would -- I've compiled empty things before. Is SDL different?


    Okay, someone said it was a windows error and that I needed another linker option, and they mentioned -lmm, which I... don't seem to have access to. He was a linux programmer apparently though so he was not really sure how valid that is though.Any ideas what he was getting at?
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