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    Hello all.

    Well i have been coding in C++ for quite a while now and i am very good with it.

    Anyway me and a few friend are interested in creating a computer game using C++ programming.

    Now we have stumbled across something that we really need to know.

    How exactly would we add animations (Characters) that we have made into the game .
    Example: We may create a character that can shoot bullets from a gun.
    Who would we add the animation og the guy walking with a gun into the coding of the game?


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    Use a graphics library like DirectX or OpenGL.

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    Ohh ok.

    Well do you or anyone else know where to get one of those programs?

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    Direct X is
    (SDK = Software Development Kit [develop direct x games]
    (Runtime = Allows you to play direct x games)

    Open gl is

    Note these are not programs... just a set of functions and classes that aid/enable a programmer to make game related material..
    Lots of learning and programming still required..

    I think there are many things out there that are more simplified.. I never used any of them.. but I'm sure someone could point you to some if yah wanted..
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