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    Visual Studio 6 Help

    I am using MFC AppWizard to make part of the menus for my game, Advent of Time. I have created a button and enabled the Bitmap and Owner draw styles. Also, I have created three bitmaps. My question is how do I connect the bitmaps with the button?

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    You might want to try and get someone to move this to the Windows Programming board. I haven't used MFC in forever. I bet someone over there can help you.
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    1. Go to class wizard.
    2. Select the Member Variables tab.
    3. You will see all the members of the class that are not 'connected' to the interface you created.
    4. Select an item in the list box. Then select the correct class and variable type for the item - in other words for a Text box you would select the type as control, and the class as CTextBox. Now for the actual text variable and not the object, select the item again and then for type select variable and create an identifier for it.

    Do this for all items and this will 'connect' your interface to your code.

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