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    Don't understand

    What I don't understand is how people make hacks.
    I mean, they'd have to know the exact code from the game designers right? They'd have to remake the guns so they could use that model and point it somewhere.

    How are people making hacks, what language are they using? How do they penetrate their programming into the games design, so they're moving the game's weapons

    I don't understand, like I try to go into one of my game folders and look around for a spot hackers might try to manipulate, but then when you try to look at the code, it's all juberishsuedecode.
    I really don't get it, how are these guys doing it, do they belong to the game company.

    Thanks for any answers on my "unrelated/related topic'.

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    EDIT: Previous post deleted.

    Based on a recent PM from you I think that this discussion has come to a close.

    Also I've already shared too much information and I think further exploration of this topic is in clear violation of the board guidelines.

    Read them.
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    We dont like talk about hacking/cracking here.


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