Thread: Where's the $$$?

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    Where's the $$$?

    If programming games requires so many people, then...
    How do you make cash? how can you be a successful programmer?
    Who gets payed the most?
    If any of you know, that would be great.

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    try to keep replies to one thread......

    Regardless, my theory is as follows.....

    When a gaming company starts out, its kind of like making a movie....

    You have a script, (your game idea)
    you(the producer) gives it to some guy with tons of $$$ (usually a bigger gaming company)......

    He funds your game, if the game makes profit, it goes to his pocket(and the producers), so if hes making money off of you guys, he'll fund another game....

    As a game programmer (you) , your cash flow comes from your boss, which comes from his boss, etc etc, up until you get to the guy who is funding the game in the first place.....

    Eventually, the producer will make enough profit to break free from his loaner, and a new standalone company will be born... I.E, epic games, Bunjee, Blizzard...

    I cant tell you where the most money is, i'm only a kid...
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    The biggest bucks go to the producer's, who are the business men. Programmers get a pretty penny as well, and artists/designers tend to get less. If you're looking for cash, the game business is not where you want to be.

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    Maybe have a look here

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