Thread: NeHe Glaux replacement??

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    Question NeHe Glaux replacement??

    Does anyone have any idea how to implement the glaux replacement from nehe into their tutorials? NeHe uses the glaux header for every tutorial, and Dev-C++ doesn't support it. I was told to replace it with the replacement they offer, and now that i have it, I can't figure out how to use it. My learning is halted. I can't load textures or pictures of any kind without this...meaning I can only create a world of colors like red and blue, but no buildings or anything. Also, I cannot figure out how to get the keys to function, because of the errors from glaux. At this point, I simply need to know how to insert the NeHe Glaux replacement in the NeHe tutorials.

    please help
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    If you download Nehe's Glaux replacement, and unzip it, you will get a .cpp file.

    Within that file is the definition for NeHeLoadBitmap.

    Remove <glaux.h> from your code, and use that function to load textures instead.

    You use it like this:

    if (!NeHeLoadBitmap("Data/NeHe.bmp", texture[0]))
    where texture is an array of Gluint.

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    I can't...

    I can't get says GL_BGR_EXT undefined when I put in the replacement...Could you implement the glAux replacement( into Lesson 7( please? Maybe then I could understand where I need to mod.
    THanks for the help so far; I have asked this q before(it's been a while) and I have NEVER gotten an actual explanation.
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    yes I'm having the same problem, is anyone can give some example of how implementing glaux replacement

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    If all you want glaux for is loading images into GLuints, why not use OpenIL?
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