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    What is the most accurate, best get time function? I used to use GetTickCount(), but it is incredibly inaccurate, and timeGetTime() is just as bad. Any suggestions?


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    Here are the functions from Dhonn's hi-res timer:

    // Global variables
    // frametime will return the time between frames
    // 1.0 / frametime will give the fps
    double rate_inv, startclock, start_time, end_time, frametime;

    // Initialise hi-res timer
    bool initftime(void)
    __int64 rate;

    // we need the accuracy
    if(!QueryPerformanceFrequency((LARGE_INTEGER*)&rat e))
    return FALSE; // win errors

    // usually the rate will be 1193180
    return FALSE;


    if(!QueryPerformanceCounter((LARGE_INTEGER*)&start clock))
    return FALSE; // win errors

    return TRUE; // there is a clock

    double ftime(void)
    // by dividing by its rate you get accurate seconds

    __int64 endclock;

    QueryPerformanceCounter((LARGE_INTEGER*)&endclock) ;

    return (double)(endclock-startclock)*rate_inv;

    // note: I recommend that you multiply but the inverse of a constant.
    // (speed reasons)

    // Returns the time between frames (assuming this function is
    // called every frame.
    void GetFrameTime(void)
    start_time = ftime();
    } while(start_time==end_time);

    // the total time it took to put together the last frame
    // and get back here...

    frametime = start_time - end_time;
    end_time = start_time;

    It works great most of the time, but I've had problems with it being choppy in XP.

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    I use timeGetTime() for everything, just remember it returns the number of miliseconds since the machine was started in an integer number.

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