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    simple blender help


    How do you connect two vertices using blender (the 3d modeling program)?
    and also,
    How do you copy and paste an object?


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    here are the shortcuts:
    - to duplicate (the same as copy+paste): Shift+D
    - to make an edge/face (connect two vertices): F

    when you are trying to figure out such stuff, select the object or vertices and then go to the on-screen menu (by pressing spacebar). here you will get many options. take a closer look at for example the Edit menu.

    you must also consider downloading a tutorial for blender. it will give you a much better clue of how stuff works than any explanation I can give. there are plenty of tutorials around. just try to make a search with google or go to blender's website (, they've got a collection of nice tutorials.

    hope this helped
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