Thread: Enable OpenGL with DevC++

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    Enable OpenGL with DevC++

    This is how you setup Bloodshed DevC++ v. 4 to work with OpenGL:

    The easy way (with startcode generated):
    Start DevC++.
    File->New Project
    In the dialog that appears go to the tab named Graphics and select the OpenGL template. You are good to go. But if you want to use functions in the glu.h header you need to perform the following:

    Project->Project options
    In the textbox where it says (or should say if you did it correct) -lopengl32 add this: -lglu32
    Just remember to seperate the 2 with a space.

    The hard way (no code generated):
    Start DevC++
    File->New Project
    Select empty project.
    Project->Project options
    Make sure the checkbox where it says "Do not create a console" is checked, if not check it.
    In the textbox where it says "Further object files or linker options" add "-lopengl32 -lglu32" (without the quotationmarks).

    You are now good to go.

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    Skipped a step...

    To reach that (in, i don't know if this has been changed) you must select the "Parameters" tab to veiw that box. If this is not true for earlier versions, ignore this.

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    Thanks loads. It works now. Seems so simple.

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    Thanks At last I can do it!

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    (in denial) Heh, the rating system didn't die!


    Thanks, nice little tut/article.
    Stan The Man. Beatles fan

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    why won't #pragma comment(lib,...) work in dev-C++?
    what does signature stand for?

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    Because pragma has different uses with different compilers.
    #pragma comment(lib,...) will work in MSVC++

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