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    I have a fairly simple game using directx. I now want to put sound into it and thought that the logical step would be to use DirectSound, as i had used it Visual Basic before and had no trouble.

    I downloaded the SDK and tried to follow one of the tutorials. It raves on about streaming buffers and uses some extra header file with some extra functions for transfering bits into the streaming buffer that, no matter how hard i try, cant get to work.

    Is there an EASY way to load a sound from a resource/file into directx and play it! I know it shouldnt be too easy but at least a tutorial that you can understand. Does anyone know of a class or tutorial that could help me?

    Thanx, headexplodes.
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    Check out Sunlight directx tutorial.

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    Post Try the BASS library

    this library's pretty easy to use, get it here:

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