Thread: Good books on Game Programming

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    Good books on Game Programming

    Hello im trying to get back into learning C++ more specifically for game programming. I think a book would do me best. ive searched around on here and cant seem to find what books to look to for this stuff. I heard of "Sams teach yourself game programming in 24hrs" and heard it was pretty good. Anyways what other books are good? some that come with plenty of explanation and possibly even some CD-roms with everything i need. Thanx

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    OpenGL Game Programming is a REALLY good book that will teach you everything from Win32 to OpenGL to DirectX and everything you'd ever want to know about a game: how to program physics, better graphics; it covers just about every single element of game design there is.

    And if you're looking for free tutorials and don't want to run out to the store and spend money....

    Nehe has a lot of good OpenGL tutorials that are a good way to get started with OpenGL, so you can use it as a medium for graphic game design.

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    what about "Beginning OpenGL Programming"? It's by the same author's as "OpenGL Programming" but they say it's improved. Which one is better?

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    How about this thing on game programming?
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