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    Basic Code

    I just discovered that the basic DirectX initiliziation code provided in The Zen of Direct3D Game Programming doesn't work on my windows ME machine, but it works on my XP. What might I do to fix this, and specifically, I am interested in a version that would be compatible with all windows versions 98 and up.

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    is your directx updated on your winme machine?

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    I believe it would most likely be something to do with the version of DirectX on the machine, before the operating system. Are you sure you have the most up to date (or atleast, the version you are trying to compile) properly installed on your Windows ME machine?

    (Just out of curiosity, DirectX8 or DirectX9?)

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    Direct3DCreate() is all you should need to get the system running. After that you simply initialize a few structures (namely to register the class with Windows) and you should be ok.

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    That doesn't appear to be the problem, as I have the same version of the SDK on both computers. Also, I forgot to mention this, it compiles fine and everything but simply flashes on and off the screen really fast when I run it. Any more advice?

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    What is your actual version of directX, not directX sdk? To check this go to start->run, type dxdiag and click ok. Then check for a version.

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    I ran the tests on ME and all passed. Anyways, the DirectX runtime thing is bundled with the SDK I think. Have any of you ever tried the code on ME or is this just speculation? I think my programming friend had the same problem too.

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