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    Learning DirectX

    I have recently completed reading The Zen of Direct3D Game Programming and have since read a number of unfavorible reviews for it. Is it worth my time to get another book and start over? I will be making a number of programs with DirectX so I need a solid base which is why I'm concerned. In addition, I would like to learn DirectSound and DirectPlay for my game and haven't been able to find any good, up to date tutorials on the net on either. Do you know of any?

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    are the two sites that I've learned from. They provide a good base with ample code examples to really demonstrate the process of building the beginning to a Direct3D application. I haven't read any books yet, but I'd suggest a thorough look at those two sites to start, and any questions you may have, have a very good chance of being answered here.
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    250 has some good articles and good learning tutorials. They have some decent forums as well to learn from. I am by no means a master of Direct3d, but I've done enough to know that community can help in many ways books cannot. It depends on your learning style, check out many places might not be the place for you, but they have some good stuff or some links that have good information in them.

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