Thread: Modulating sound volumes

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    Modulating sound volumes

    I posted this in the C++ forum, but am moving it here due to the nature of the question.

    I am making a game, although that is fairly irrelevant. The goal is to create a slider to modulate the volume of a played wav file. I want to read in the wav to a buffer I believe, somehow make it louder or softer, and send it on its way; and I need to do all this without affecting system volumes or other volumes, because other applications will also be utilizing the system volume.

    I've been using Dx for image and sounds thus far.

    If anyone requires more information, please ask.


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    are you playing the wav's right now? Are you using standard Win32 calls? DirectSound?
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    You need to get the default audio path and use GetObjectInPath() to change the volume. Note that since you are using one audio path this will affect all sounds played on that audio path.

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