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    Graphics Library

    My current compiler is Dev-C++ and I am trying to make a Pong remake. I don't know much about programming and hardly any about adding graphics into a game. But I was told I need to get a graphics library (or something of that nature) such as allegro in order to add even 2d graphics into a game. I went and looked up allegro, and when I found it I downloaded it. I found a tutorial for making pong in DJGPP and allegro. I read some of it but I got lost pretty quickly and I was just wondering if DJGPP was a totally different compiler and if allegro is not compatible with Dev-C++. If it isn't, can you please point me in the direction of another graphics library that I can use in Dev-C++ or tell me what I am looking for?? Any help you can offer is very greatly appreciated.


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    Get MSVC 6 or .NET student edition.
    Download the DirectX SDK or get an update version of OpenGL.

    Buy some books, do some research, code, code, code.

    Have at it.

    Dump DJGPP. Dump Allegro. Dump the old DOS stuff. It's just not worth it anymore - for high end games and graphics, that is.
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    Forget Allegro learn D3D its very easy and you will pick it up quik

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    To answer your question, Allegro does work with dev-c++. dev-c++ uses a windows port of gcc (called mingw32) just like DJGPP is a dos port of gcc. Did you need to compile it? If so then you probably need to compile it again for mingw32. After that just #include "allegro.h" and link to liballeg or whatever it is.

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    Do a search for SDL.
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