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    Programming Mario

    Hi, I have just finished Binary Search Trees in my classes.

    I feel like I should beable to do something with what I know.

    So I figure ill program mario (2d cuz I found the sprites).

    I looked at allegro, but thats like using a nuclear power plant to run 1 light bulb.

    So, ill just use Bitbliting and WIndows API.

    Also ill be using 800x600 window.

    So what advice, if any, at your own free will, would like to give?

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    Use Allegro or SDL because it isnt as intense as you might think.

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    Heck use Direct3D or OpenGL and use textured quads instead of bitblt sprites. It's really not that complex and you gain very simplistic rotation functionality. Try writing a sprite rotation function that does not use textured quads - you will pull your hair out and it will be slower than snot.

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    One other thing about OpenGL is you can easy scaling. When Mario gets the mushroom and gets bigger, just stretch the quad.

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