Thread: First screenie of 2d asteroids

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    No. The source stays with me and those who want to help create the game. This goes for all of my games. I'm very open source but I don't just hand out the code to anyone. This is not because of protection or anything its just because I don't want to A. be criticized for my code and B. be asked all kinds of questions about what this or that does.

    It's just easier to only make the source available to those who have helped or taken part in the development of the game.


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    Ever considered mapping a rocky texture to a deformed shape of some sort, taking some snaps of it rotating and using that for your asteroids? Makes them look slightly more realistic, even if they would all be rotating in the same direction...

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    Thought of it yes. Going to do it?? Probably not. This is just a quickie game.
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