Thread: Creating Shell based game..Few questions

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    Creating Shell based game..Few questions

    Well first of all.. Let me tell you the type of game it is and get that out of the way.

    It is going to a RPG based fighting game..

    If you guys have every heard of vagabonds quest 1 and 2 its gonna be kinda like that..except not alot of exploring..just stuff like /walk town or /walk weaponstore..Stuff like that.

    Im not gonna have exploring because the game will focus on the fighting aspect.. I will have different races and class's and probably base it on d20 system for the most part.

    But onto my main question,

    What should I use for network support..since this is going to be an online game against other users...will winsock suffice..I dont think there would be over 100 users at anytime unless the game blew up and everybody found out about it...which could happen but im not planning on it..

    And any good tutorials for winsock if it would be good to use, Im writing this for windows as of right now because most people into those games have windows and my new computers grahpics card dislikes linux and I dont have a linux box anymore(although ill be porting it to linux after I get the windows one up)

    Remember this is going to be a shell based game..all text..

    -- Paul

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    Winsock is great to learn, so I would suggest using it if only for the learning experience. Many network API's out there are built around or mirroring winsock. I wouldn't be able to point you to any worth while online tutorials, but I can suggest this book:

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