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    Non-Beginner OpenGL book

    I've read the Red book, OpenGL SuperBible ( just finished ), half of Nehe's tutorial which I intend to continue now and just succesfully completed my first attempt at Tetris, combining OpenGL and WinAPI.

    I have not read anything yet about collisions or specific 2D/3D gaming thought, and I'm wondering which book would be essential to continue learning.

    OpenGL Game Programming by Hawkins, seens to cover things I donīt know yet, but it also has many topics SuperBible has taught me.

    I hope books are cheaper since itīs near christmas

    Edit: I did read all the topics that started with "book", and these are the options: book 1 and book 2

    I'm not sure starting 3D Game programming right now would be productive though
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    Here are a few books I've found:

    Advanced OpenGL Game Programming - Seems I wonīt learn much at my novice skill level.

    Beginning OpenGL Game Programming - This one looks like itīs really just about beginning OpenGL, based on the reviews.

    Ultimate Game Design: Building Game Worlds

    Computer Graphics with OpenGL - Looks way too advanced for me

    OpenGL ES Game Development

    If anyone can give me any advice on one of these books, or any other, I'd appreciate. I only have 10 days until I can order a book from a friend whos coming from a big town.
    I donīt live in America nor in a very big city, so itīs difficult for me to find some of the books.

    It seems most of the books are aimed at experienced OpenGL programmers or beginning ones, and I'm having a hard time finding something so I can continue learning in a more structured way.

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    Well, today I'm asking someone to buy me the book if she can find.
    Unless anyone has antother suggestion, I'm going with OpenGL Game Programming by Hawkins.

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    here is a whole list of book reviews

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    Thanks sand_man, 3D Game Engine Design seens like a nice book.
    I've seem some people here saying that itīs not really better starting with 2D games and applications (which was what I was going for ) and then moving on to 3D, so I hope itīs true.
    In any case, seems I'll be needing this book in the future

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