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    Yeah you are right which is why it would require a real-time generation of a cube map to use as the environment map for the object. Actually using render to texture methods I'm fairly sure I can come up with at least reflecting the skybox or backdrop. Reflecting planets is a whole nother ballgame because I would prob have to cast rays towards the planet - find out what I hit and what texel in the plane texture I hit.....etc, etc. Basically ray trace the stupid thing which is totally out of the question. If I want to do this I might go with the cube map reflection along with imposters created from planet/laser/animation images. Blending the environment map or cube map with the imposters textures using render to texture just might work.

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    My mouth is agape from the coolio pictures...
    If only I had the much skill...
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    Bubba, exactly how long before there is maybe a public beta? Everything looks great so far.

    And do you have a website setup somewhere?
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    A beta is a long way off. There is much left to do. A game is a whole lot more than just graphics, effects, and algos.

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