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    Ultra chess engine

    I have created a new chess game with the help of some freinds of mine. The board is 14X14, 196 squares total. There are 3 new peices. There are 4 bishops and 4 rooks per player. I created a contest a little bit ago, to give 25 dollars to the first person to create a chess engine for ultra chess. However, the programming shouldnt be for the money, but for the challenge. So here is the challenge. Create a chess engine for ultra chess. Up to 4 depth search, minimum of 2 depth. Users will enter their moves using algebraic notation, A1-A2 for instance. The board need not be graphical, you may use text if you want, for instance the black bishop could be represented with BB. The important thing is the functionality of the engine. If you create it, you may claim the 25 dollars, or you may choose not to, its up to you. If you would like details about the game, send an email to, and I will be happy to supply you with the game info. It is really cool actually

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    Hi there, it seems like a neat contest. Just so you know, there is a 'contests' board which might be more appropriate for what you want.

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    Expecially since the new post is now offering $50 instead of $25

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