Thread: My game needs testing

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    My game needs testing

    It's been a long time since I've poked my head around here because I've been extremely busy. Partly because of a project I've been on, which needs some bug testing. Some people have been reporting no sound, but we have been unable to reproduce the problem, and therefore cannot fix it. If anybody would kindly take the time to download and install, it would be greatly appreciated.

    This version is an early one, so many bugs are present. Please only inform me if you do or do not have sound. I was going to post this on the "Post your game here" thread, but I have to put a link since she's pretty big.

    Thanks to anyone who helps.

    PS: This was not done by me alone, and I apologize if the authorities around here don't like these kinds of posts.

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    You may get more testers if you post the source code and allow people to run that.

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    I had no sound and no music.
    I got stuck on some polys for a bit then managed to get out of it.
    Thats pretty much all I can complain about right now. An idea might be to have Ogg's shadow cast on the ground so that when you jump you can see where you are going to land.

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    No sound....and really crazy polygons.....

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    256 mgs ram

    here's a screeny

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    I had no graphics problems, but no sound or music at all. Everything else was good. I agree with sandman that a shadow would improve 3d perspective when jumping and make the landing spot less confusing since I'm going to guess jumping is a good part of the game. Here are my specs if they help.

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    For the shadow you could either use a simple soft shadow which can be done via texture blending or you could re-render the key vertices on the ground below the character. Use the stencil buffer to keep from 'over-drawing' in your shadow which creates double blending artifacts. The matrix to project onto the ground would be all 1's in the y direction.

    If you have a light source this would change things significantly since the incident ray or vector to the light must be taken into account prior to drawing the shadow.

    If you need help I would be glad to assist where I can.

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    Thanks for the suggestions on the shadows. I am quite handy when dealing with them, but thank you for the offer Bubba.

    Thank you all again for testing it out. Jverkoey, thanks for the screenshot. It's probably a driver issue, but something we will have to look into none the less.

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    Ya no sound for your game. I have a Conexant AC-LINK Audio sound card that's in a laptop. The graphics are fine I have a RADEON IGP 320M wit (32MB shard system ram). This laptop also has a athlon-XP-M 2500+ with 256MB of ram.
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