Thread: How to start Game Programming ?

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    Question How to start Game Programming ?

    I know this is very common topic ...not only in this forum...also....the world... Most gamers dream about making his/her own game(s)... or programmers may make game for fun

    Anyone can guide me/ us the curious gamers a / some good way(s) to start learning game programming?
    I knew someone might say.. there is no fixed steps to follow... you are recommended to learn as much as you can.
    Yet giving the right direction may saved us from frustrating...

    If i'm a completely noob in programming...
    What should i do, learn...etc..
    How do i start?
    Where to get materials...What type of materials?
    Is that any recommended must-learn stuffs?

    If I'm a beginner in C/C++ Console programming...
    How to further bring my skill to higher level?
    also how what where... to start learn...

    If I know Windows/ Linux Programming...


    Sorry for my broken english .. english is not my primary language.

    And thanks for viewing... and great appreciation to those who reply.

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    Well the best way to avoid frustration is by learning as much as you can. Learn datastructures, logic behind code, learn as much as you think you will need. The best way to see if you are ready to start game programming (using a graphics library) is by doing some smaller applications using that graphics api and if you feel you dont understand squat what is there, you arent ready LOL.

    Start out small, maybe a text based game (tic tac toe or maybe a textbased rpg), then move on. Also dont just concentrate on games. Concentrate on logic and programming, commenting code and maybe most important, get a good book and read it. If you feel you dont understand everything in the book, reread that part again and again and again until you understand it. It takes time and patience before you can start working on a bigger project but its not impossible.

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    List of game programming books:

    I have the Game Programming All-In-One (I think that's the one anyways - haven't looked at it in a couple months). It starts out teaching you C++ then moves to console game development and then to graphics, input, etc using DirectX. Even going as far as teaching stuff such as particle systems.
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